Persian Cats

Persian cat

In the seventeenth century, the Persian cat was introduced to Europe by traders from the Iranian plateau which is formerly known as Persia. Angoras, another long-haired breed, were also brought from Turkey around this time period. The Persian cats more than likely interbred with the Angoras and the domestic cats to form the breed as we know it today. The favorite pampered pet of European royals, the breed is now the most popular cat in the US,

Persians are easygoing cats and have a soft, pleasant voice which they use to communicate with their owners. They are excellent lap cats and thrive with indoor life. They do like quiet and secure homes, and they may take awhile to feel comfortable in a new environment. Persians must be brushed thoroughly daily and have regular baths to keep the coat groomed. This must be done to prevent hairballs and other health issues in addition to maintaining the cat's appearance. Eyes need regular checking and periodic cleaning. Although Persian cats require a lot of care, they are very easy to love!