Egyptian Maus

egyptian mau cat

The only naturally spotted breed, the Egyptian Mau's spots are believed to originate from interbreeding with wild cats centuries in the past. Many ancient Egyptian wall paintings depicted spotted cats. These cats were prized in ancient Egypt and were sometimes even worshipped as gods. They were often mummified upon their deaths just like the people of that time. 'Mau' comes from the Egyptian word for cat.

Voices of Egyptian Maus are often musical, and they can make sounds that sound like singing or chirping. Some will actually wiggle their tails and move their hind ends as if spraying without urinating to express their happiness. They prefer to live in warm environments as they are very sensitive to temperature. Although they are loyal and fond of their owners, they are known to play roughly with biting and scratching. The Mean Kitty videos filmed by Cory Williams of SMP Films starred his Egyptian Mau cat.