siamese cat

Siamese Cats

One of the oldest breeds of cats, the Siamese originated in Southeast Asia where they were often used as sacred cats in the temples. The cats were brought to Europe from Siam which is now known as Thailand in the later part of the nineteenth century when they are given as a gift to a returning Ambassador. Soon, they appeared in cat shows in the UK, and were brought to the US in the early twentieth century. Siamese have been crossed with other breeds to form new breeds such as the Himalayan, Balinese, and Tonkinese. The name 'Siamese' is Thai for 'moon diamond.'

Siamese cats are intelligent, loving, and curious. Their voice sound has been nicknamed 'meezer' and can sound like a crying baby. They communicate well with their voice and body, and will persist in their demands for human attention. They enjoy being around their owners and are excellent lap cats. Siamese cats are beautiful and distinctive cats that make them one of the most well-known breeds.