Himalayan Cats

himalayan cat

The development of the Himalayan cat breed in the 1950s is credited to a British man named Brian Stirling-Webb. A Persian cat was crossed with a Siamese in order to get the color points, and then the kittens were bred again with Persians so that the long hair of the Persian would be maintained. None of the cat associations in the UK recognize the breed along with some in other countries. The UK classifies them as color-pointed Persians. The Himalayan name is because of a resemblance to color-pointed rabbits found in the Himalayan mountains. The cats have no ties to the Himalayan area.

Himalayans are prone to several genetic disorders such as joint issues, genetic abnormalities, and polycystic kidney disease. They also have more issues with hairballs than other breeds.

For those who want a friendly cat, love the look of the Himalayan, and have the time to devote to grooming, Himalayans can make a terrific pet.