While having cats is wonderful, the litter boxes that go with them are not so desirable. Cat litter box furniture allows you to disguise the litter box in a piece of functional and or decorative furniture. This is especially important if the only places you have for a litter box are in full view of guests. Choose from an assortment of cabinets, benches, and other designs. Cat products such as litter box furniture can make living with felines much more pleasant.

Cat Litter Box Furniture

You can hide that cat box in furniture! An attractive cabinet could allow storage for human stuff on top. Tight on space? Some of these pieces can function as an end table or nightstand.

Decorative Litter Box Covers

Conceal your current litter box with one of these decorative litter box covers. Whimsical houses can be a great conversation piece. Or, maybe you prefer the carpeted covers that provide kitty a place to hang out on top. Any of these covers will provide an attractive alternative to hide the your kitty’s toileting area.

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