The Top Cat Breeds

Are you thinking about buying a purebred cat? Maybe you want one because the temperament is more predictable. Or, you may just want to be assured that the cat you choose will look a certain way as an adult. You may even be interested in showing or breeding. Find out characteristics of the top cat breeds.


Persians have loving personalities, long, beautiful coats, and can easily blend into your family. They are the most popular breed of purebred cat. But, the coat does require daily grooming to avoid mats.

Maine Coon

Another long-haired breed. These cats are great mousers and are really good with children. They are a fairly large cat breed.


Siamese cats orginate from Thailand which is formerly known as Siam. This breed features an aristrocratic look and a short coat. They also have long bodies, legs and necks.


Abyssinia is now known as Ethiopia. But, the breed’s name comes from the first cats of the breed which were exhibited in England, came from Abyssinia. This cat has a very elegant look and are very active.

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